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This website is for new and advanced collectors interested in Stevens Decoys. It offers an online introduction to decoy collecting; a timeline of the Stevens legacy; and a blog all about Stevens Decoys, called "Weedsportal". Your email subscription (bottom of page) is appreciated. The articles and blogs are supported by information and data extracted from a record of more than 650 decoys that was begun in 1987 by collector and author Shane Newell for his book.  The Essential Guide To Stevens Decoys  and his record The Stevens Decoys Database Collector's Edition 




Shane Newell Decoy Collector
Stevens Decoys Essentail Guide Book
Stevens decoys database

Shane has recorded every decoy related to the Stevens Brothers that he found photographed in auction catalogs (1987 to current) and those in private collections, including those of the late Frank Ash of Stony Island Lodge, Hal Evans of Clayton, NY, Charles Hickey of Cayuga, NY, George W. Thompson of Cazenovia, NY; Peter Bartlett of Barnegat Bay, NJ, Phil Mott of Vicksburg, MI and Dr. Peter Muller of Atlanta, GA. The record has more than 2,000 photographs and 6,000+ data points of both authentic and attributed decoys to the Stevens Brothers.



Stevens Decoy Datatbase sample pages

In 2020, having 33 years of accumulated data, the records were converted into a digital format.  The database now includes every known species: hens and drakes; examples from all time periods, both models, maker stamps, paint, condition, provenance, notes, and auction results.  Filtering and analyzing the large database provides useful insights and theories that are published in Weedsportal.  While the entire database is not public, a  Collector's Edition  of the most useful examples for collecting Stevens Decoys is available for a one-time subscription fee [SOLD OUT].  

Does your decoy have a record? Send photos on the Contact page and find out.


Our portal to Weedsport, NY is a blog all about Stevens Decoys. 

Read about exciting new finds, collection photos, book updates, specific decoy notes, collecting stories, questions and answers about Stevens Decoys and more. Travis Bryant, an artifact collector and Stevens Decoy enthusiasts, also writes for Weedsportal. Travis built a record of the advertisements to help piece together the puzzle of the two Brothers and their decoy businesses.  Shane recently completed an illustrated study on the evolution of Harvey's decoy making. Sign in to be alerted of new posts.  Begin looking into History.

Stevens Decoy teal detail

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