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Stevens branded shorebirds?

Years ago I'd get a call or an email every month from someone asking if the Stevens Brothers of Weedsport ever made shorebird decoys.

The caller would either own or have an opportunity to purchase a shorebird decoy branded "STEVENS" on the underside. It's fairly obvious the shorebirds aren't old, but the hope of finding a shorebird decoy from the Stevens Brothers is "alluring" enough to drop in a call to be sure.

As many collectors know, these branded shorebird decoys are made by Samuel A. Stevens (1917-1998) of Salisbury, Massachusetts. Sam largely produced decorative shorebirds between 1960 and 1980. Most common are yellowlegs and snipe, but Sam made all types of shorebirds. Occasionally, Sam made a "flyer" model shorebird with its wings expanded. With 50 years having passed since being made, Sam's decorative shorebirds are becoming collectible while they still remain affordable. Regarding our man Harvey Stevens, he was making decoys 150 years ago and I dare say we will never find a shorebird from him or any Stevens Brother of Weedsport for that matter.

Shorebirds made by Samuel A. Stevens (1917-1998)

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