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Notes from reading Branson

Notes from reading "Let's do it". (edited title)

33% New Ventures, 33% promoting, and 33% fighting fires (Taking care of business, a.k.a TCB)

Whatever you sell – Identify your market: research with people, see the potential and explore growth. Get out outside –meet people, ask questions! Look for government subsidies

· Do it big, easy

· Buy or Find a better idea/way/product/system

· Small slices of big pies or control a market with DEMAND

· Sell the sizzle, hype, dream, hopes

· Reward is found in managed risks

  • Communication is key to good business – every business opportunity begins with a conversation.

  • Advertising works – promote yourself, get free publicity. Be bold but don’t gamble.

  • Plan, Prepare, Train –then do it until it works. Know when to sharpen the axe, and when to swing it.

  • Fear is the opposite of success. Challenge yourself- challenge the big mountains.

  • Watch out for dirty tricks – complain loudly and fight hard.

  • Regret leads to guilt, a deadly anchor.

  • Education is about growth – as long as it doesn’t stunt growth.

  • Don’t lead sheep – run with wolves.

  • Have fun working and move fast.

  • Do the right things for the brand.

  • Build on your successes- use profits to grow.

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