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Hen Franklin speaks!

In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin's many pseudonyms, let's ask Hen Franklin* what she might have to say about our modern state.

When any form of Government takes the surplus of one in order to serve the wants of another,

it shall become destructive to both ends.

Government obesity is a progressive disease caused by sitting around the House all day

eating unhealthy taxes.

The Government should have never promoted General Welfare beyond Private.

Politicians have claimed the People in this Country as dependents just for the tax benefits.

Overly liberal success is the primary cause of entitlement disorder among children.

Happiness thrives in pursuit and starves in captivity.

The recipe for self-government is an ounce of restraint for every pound of liberty.

The current inhabitants of an old house cannot change the reasons it was built; they cannot redraw its construction; they cannot erase the names or faces of its history; and they cannot remove the Creator from its foundation.


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All rights reserved.

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