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 Dr. Benjamin Franklin had only two years of formal education. The future scientist had failed in arithmetic. However, Franklin became famously self educated by involving himself in whatever he was doing. Franklin had a knack for having fun with words, phrases,  mathematics, experiments, conversation and learning. He also earned a large fortune by age 42. Franklins Fortune is a deck-building game entirely based on the works, virtues, anecdotes, wit, wisdom and self-education of  Benjamin Franklin.  


Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17 (January 6, old style).



Assisted his father in his business of tallow chandler and soap boiler. He had attended school no more than two years.



Was apprenticed as a printer to his brother James.



Began to write anonymous articles for The New-England Courant.



Became a vegetarian for a time to save money on food to buy books.


Ben Franklin as an Apprentince
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