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Franklin’s Fortune Deck Building Game

Learn the Secrets of Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Number of Players: 1-4    Ages: 14 and up      Time to Play: 60 minutes on average

Franklins Fortune Game

Benjamin Franklin began publishing his secrets of success in 1732. After centuries of interpretation and translation, the fun of learning Franklin’s secrets had become lost. This remarkable game restores Franklin’s wisdom about involvement and learning. Franklin’s Fortune is played in rounds of action and results. Players discover how to increase Energy, overcome Obstacles using Persistence, balance Experience and Education to increase wages, gain Wisdom, and create Wealth. Franklin’s Fortune is a deck-building game that plays on a table top. Players learn the secrets of Health, Wealth, and Wisdom by modeling the strategies revealed in play. Discover how Benjamin Franklin became one of the wealthiest and longest living persons of his time. Easy to learn and fun to play – it’s positively Franklinian!

The goal of the game is to acquire as much of Franklin’s Fortune as you can. Franklin’s Fortune is counted in cards and Sterling (money). Every card is worth one point and every 10 Sterling is worth one point. Each turn is an opportunity to acquire more cards and Sterling. There are three resources used to acquire cards: Energy, Persistence, and Sterling. The game ends when all the cards are taken from the Board. The Player with the highest number of points is declared positively Franklinian!

The Art of Making Money Plenty:  “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”   B. Franklin

  • HOW-TO-PLAY VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE ! ACQUIRE FRANKLIN’S SECRETS TO HEALTH, WEALTH, & WISDOM - Franklin believed that involvement is how learning occurs, which is why we designed this incredibly fun strategy game! You’ll work from ‘sunrise’ to ‘sunset’ learning to turn ‘Motion’ into ‘Action' as the secrets of success become your wisdom of how to use your own Energy. Grow health, wealth, and wisdom.

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Named #5 in Best Money Games by Money Prodigy! "Best new game for the family! Learn what’s important in life while having fun. Great gift idea!"


Review from Happy Strong Home: "Franklin’s Fortune is a great way to spend time as a family, while imparting high-level money concepts like how Experience, Persistence, Investing, and Virtue play a role in financial (and life!) success".

  • GREAT FOR FAMILY GAME NIGHT & THE CLASSROOM - If you’re looking for a new game to add to family night or your classroom, this fun learning game is it! Franklin’s Fortune was designed to give players the opportunity to learn personal success and life skills in the most exciting way! This is the first Life Skills Game of its kind that has elements of health, wealth, virtue, wisdom, courage, persistence and overcoming obstacles. To teach, you must involve and make it fun!

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