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The Essential Guide To Stevens Decoys (Hardcover Collector's Edition 2014)

Shane A. Newell

Hard Cover Collector's Edition with Special Tenth Anniversary Dust Jacket Cover

Limited edition of 500 copies, numbered and signed by the author, 8.5 inch by 11 inch format, 164 pages, over 135 color photos, 70 black & white pictures, diagrams and species guide with tally of species recorded.  


To Buy The Essential Guide To Stevens Decoys

 Purchase for $29.95 free shipping direct from Shane's American Art & Press

or purchase for $35.00 on from Amazon here.


From the Author...

I call this book the Essential Guide because it is intended to convey the practical understanding that is indispensable when investing in a Stevens Decoy. I do not illustrate the details of construction that aren’t useful when inspecting a Stevens decoy that you are considering buying. The section entitled “Five Ways to Identify a Stevens Decoy” will teach you how to recognize, authenticate, attribute and date a decoy made by Harvey and George Stevens and consequently how to avoid buying a fake, a decoy with repairs, or one that has been restored; well, at least without knowing that you are.


Excerpts from The Essential Guide...

On Harvey's decoys....

 Harvey considered his decoys to be in a realm of their own. In his mind every distinguishing nuance in his work distanced his decoys dramatically from the techniques of all other makers, including his own brother. Harvey’s harsh berating of other makers revealed his feisty and competitive nature…

Harvey's precision...

Harvey’s last decoys of around 1892 were so perfectly balanced that they met an astonishing mathematical standard. It seems history is indicating that Harvey may be the only maker that would possibly consider this much unnecessary structural precision to be quintessential in a hunting decoy…

Identifying a Stevens Decoy...

One of the more under-utilized methods of determining the authenticity of a Stevens decoy is the bill carving detail because it is one that most collectors do not know about. It seems almost impossible that the carving of the bill lines could be so precise and unchanging that they can validate the authenticity of a decoy, but in this case it is reliable…




Decoy Magazine, Joe Engers June 2004

“…the author explains that its intent is to provide a “practical understanding” of Stevens Decoys: how to recognize, authenticate, attribute and date a decoy made by George and Harvey Stevens, and how to avoid a fake or spot restoration. And the book proceeds to do just that.”

Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine, Stanley Van Etten August 2004

 “This book is as essential to a Stevens collector as a “Field Manual” is to a birder. If a collector is puzzled by a particular decoy in hand as to whether or not it is a Stevens, authentic or unaltered, let him pick up this book once again and use it as the Essential Guide it was designed to be, referencing to its check list, diagrams, and close-up photos.”

Paul Loder

 “OUTSTANDING! Great information and long overdue!”

Greg McKinney

 Great approach and a very useful guide. I believe you shared what most people would not share with the general public.”

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